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Google in danger of becoming also ran

Google doesn't realise that by hurting small business owners, they have hurt themselves as these small business owners/employees are the part of Google user base. Eventually the users hurt will make them migrate outside Google search, like I have done.

In case you are wondering what is all this about then evidently you are not aware of the biggest online issue that has been created by Google after its Penguin update. This update ensured that hard working honest websites with salary paid employees have been hit hard and displaced from their high rankings to wilderness due to new update to Google's algorithm.

All this because Google has become an advertising company instead of being a technology company. For high traffic keywords, you will notice that Google search result page is full of advertisements instead of the organic results that barely manage to show just above the fold now. Google quotes on stock market and to satisfy shareholders greed, Google has to chase more ad money from its top performing property, i.e. Google search.

But here was the problem. How to have a better yield from their existing cash cow - Google adwords. For long, Google has watched helplessly as SEO's worked hard to have their clients websites rank high in the organic search results of Google and avoid its expensive PPC campaign. Google of course makes no money when a user clicks on these results.

Google makes money when a user clicks on the right-hand side/top/bottom advertisements that are displayed. When Google had debuted, it was like a breath of fresh air with its superior search results and clutter free interface.

The results are inferior now and the clutter free space is no longer so evident. But the users had flocked to Google early on in droves appreciating both the superior results, as well as clutter free interface. The loyalty base of Google users kept on building primarily driven by the quality organic search results, which acted as a bait to Google ad sales. It was a happy situation for long when users were happy and the advertisers were happy as well. Google technology was serving contextual ads to the users, and when a user clicked on the relevant ad, the chances of her converting to a buying customer was very high.

The very idea that made Google a huge success became its bugbear. SEO's making money off the organic results, while Google receives zilch suddenly became unacceptable to Google. Hence, they declared war on SEO's with their penguin update. All this in the name of combating web spam. Briefly, Penguin update seeks to usher in level playing field for all websites, especially the new ones by punishing optimised sites with history of back linking. Back links are considered to be editorial votes for your website.

See this for more explanation and understanding


What I have done?

I have migrated to duck duck go. The first day of switch over was little tough as I kind of kept going back to Google search after running a query at Third day onwards I have stopped using Google for most of my searches. became my first choice due to its ability to throw up some gems and Nuggets of websites that neither Google nor Bing throw up. But Bing is good. It is the search engine of second choice for me.

Easy to set as default search engine in Google chrome - just right click on the URL, click edit search engines and then click on make default. Yes, sadly I use Google Chrome, but the day, Internet Explorer becomes as fast as Google Chrome, I will dump it.

I used to be an ardent supporter of Google and used to adopt their products with religious zeal. No more. While it shall take me much time to extract myself out of Gmail, for my new online adventures, I will not embrace Google. I have already dumped Google analytics from all my sites except one. I am in high state of anticipation from I actually use Microsoft Outlook extensively with Gmail as online storage solution. I must confess that Gmail is a pretty decent job of spam filtering, but even here, I see slippages.

I am grateful to Google for this wake-up call as my focus has shifted to marketing and networking instead of just link building. I concede that I should have been focusing on marketing and networking from day one itself but Google had been rewarding sites with links and it was easy thing to do. Plus prior to last two years, social media was not that energetic.

The Power of one is to be never underestimated. As one's we voted Google search to supremo position and as one's we can vote some other search engine to supremo position. For Google has slipped and its results not satisfying.

Somewhere I read that an internal survey of Google showed that only 24% of its users have noticed a deterioration in the search quality - hence Penguin update is a success. Well, those 24% are savvy users and will eventually influence the passive Google users.

Apparently Google has the best IQ minds deployed in its organisation. It is quite ironical that all this intellectual horsepower has not been able to fix their algorithm. It is panic time at Google headquarters, akin to headless chickens running in the building.

In contrast is able to deliver superior results with a team of, what, perhaps three persons? From the same web which has all this web spam as Google claims.

Now Google wants us to report to them all the spammy links. An admission of failure of Google and its algorithm. Google wants to police the net and bring order. Hmmm... Sounds familiar, except that you will walk out of China because of policing.

Might just be that it is a minor trickle that is abandoning Google search, but history tells us that such trickles of disgruntlement can convert to torrential rush in a jiffy.

Google has been scorned by Facebook users and Internet has no fury like Google scorned.

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