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Mr Prime Minister, you are wrong: Bribe giver is not important

Mr Prime Minister Manmohan Singh believes that the problem of corruption is with the bribe giver as well.

It is the bribe taker in the government departments who is the cause of the corruption. More precisely, it is the opaque and obtuse laws and rules that gives the advantage to the officialdom, who then use it for corruption.
What compels a bribe taker to accept the offer? Nothing except for his greed. He can refuse it.
Punish the bribe acceptors in a manner that a strong message goes through the bureaucracy that both delaying the projects or the work and accepting bribe money shall cost them dearly.

In a decision that could prove a game-changer in the fight against corruption, the government is planning to amend the anti-graft act to cover bribe-givers, especially private companies — instead of only the bribe-taker. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced this on Wednesday, related stories Assertive PM spearheads UPA reforms juggernaut saying, “Experience has shown that in a vast majority of cases, it is difficult to tackle consensual bribery and the bribe-giver gets away by taking advantage of the Prevention of Corruption Act.”

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