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Irresponsible - Possibility Of Inheritance Tax Re-Introduction by Mr Chidambaram

Inheritance tax is illegal, immoral and a case of double taxation. The government must manage its finances better rather than create more compliance issues for the citizens and loot them. Revenues can be increased in many other ways. For instance, by introduction of flat tax and phasing out all other taxes. When tax has been paid on a certain income and an asset has been acquired from tax paid money, the government has no right to snatch away that money.

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Possible Solutions Against Women Violence

Delhi gang rape

Delhi gang rape was inhuman, violent and brutal. It shook the cynical Delhi people to their core. It also revealed that the younger generation, normally dismissed as self-centered, is actually socially aware and willing to stand up and fight when the issues that matter to them, come to the forefront.

But what can be done to make Delhi safe for women? For if we can solve the menace of assault on women in Delhi, then the same model can be extrapolated to the rest of India.

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Free and save the Indian flag

The Indian Flag

In the last few days I have become very proud of Delhi people. The support that has poured in for the gang rape victim (she has been symbolically named Damini) is very uplifting. Images of young kids full of passion, idealism and love for justice is immensely inspiring. I am very happy that my country is in good hands.

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Mr Prime Minister, you are wrong: Bribe giver is not important

Mr Prime Minister Manmohan Singh believes that the problem of corruption is with the bribe giver as well.

It is the bribe taker in the government departments who is the cause of the corruption. More precisely, it is the opaque and obtuse laws and rules that gives the advantage to the officialdom, who then use it for corruption.

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Media about Robert Vadra Corruption

Robert Vadra corruption, as alleged by Arvind Kejriwal is the talk of the town. Well-connected inpiduals in the Delhi NCR region had been talking about the influence that Robert Vadra wields in the real estate market it in hushed voices and subdued tones for many years.

The Economic Times was the first major media publication to report about Robert Vadra's wealth in 2011. BJP, the principal opposition party deliberately chose not to rake up this issue after this news story was published. It is said that they too have similar skeletons in their closet and agitating on the Robert Vadra quick financial growth would have hurt them as well.

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Better India - Single Line Solution - Under trials in India and right of prisoners in India.

Under trials in India

Nearly 1.2 billion people live in India. The diversity of this country is staggering and managing India is a big issue. One of the reasons that India has still stayed together instead of disintegrating is its judicial system.

But India's judicial system gets much criticism for justifying the truism "Justice delayed is justice denied". The oft cited reason for delays given is the huge number of cases pending at various levels in the Indian courts.

Here below I offer a solution to partly alleviate this backlog.

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Indian Bureaucracy Accountability - possible jail for Chief secretaries?

Indian bureaucracy red tape snake

Jail for Chief secretaries, says Moily, the Power Minister in The Hindustan Times 20th August 2012 edition.

The Minister has said that he plans to bring in an legislation plus amend the Electricity Act 2003 to enable provisions for imprisonment of state officials, including the Chief secretaries if the power is overdrawn from the grid.

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