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Baba Ramdev - Swami with clay feet.

Baba Ramdev in escape outfit

Baba Ramdev is much venerated and respected yoga teacher, though I confess I have never practised his yoga asans. My mother when she was alive, did visit his franchise nearby to purchase Baba's medicine for alleviation of her pain. The medicine did not deliver, for I guess her condition probably was too severe for a possibility of immediate relief.

 But here, in this post I comment on Baba's political/social activism foray. Corruption is a big issue in our country and it is clear that our elected representatives and political parties have absolutely no interest in creating a system that will call for their accountability. See how the parliament clubbed together to prevent the passage of Lokpal bill. It is an eye wash that the bill was passed in the Lok Sabha and was not even put to vote in the Rajya Sabha.

The idea of this post is to bring to your attention the satire filled sarcastic article by Markandey Katju (currently the chairman of press Council of India and former Supreme Court judge). I quote below a portion of it.

The next day the Swami began his fast for abolition of corruption in Buffoonistan. Buffoons from all over the country had assembled in the shamshanghat (cremation ground) where the Swami always held his meetings. He chose this place rather than Jantar Mantar or the Ramlila ground because he wanted his followers to develop a spirit of detachment, forgetting about this world and thinking about the next.

For me, Baba Ramdev lost my respect for his activism when he chose to run away from Ramlila ground in the middle of the night when Delhi police cracked down upon him and his followers. I am very clear on this issue - leaders with fire in their bellies do not abandon their supporters and followers at the first sign of physical harm.(akin to President Barack Obama, who refused to receive Dalai Lama at Oval office, White House under the Chinese pressure)

Had Baba not run away in disguise of feminine attire and had he chosen to take the lathi blows head-on, he would have become a national hero and converted fence sitters like me to actively support and engage with him in the cause of corruption.

But this was not to be and Baba is a man with clay feet and yet to cleanse himself of fear, desires, arrogance and lust for power. I suggest the Vipassana course to him as a solution. (10 days silent retreat)

Baba Ji, you lost a golden opportunity to become a genuine saviour of the masses as you like to proclaim. Instead, you emerged as a political wheeler dealer seeking to cut the best deal.

Baba Ramdev's true face was revealed at the time of his first fast at Ramlila ground when he took hours and hours negotiating with the government of India at Hotel Claridges and then cutting a dishonourable deal with them. The letter/deal details that was released to the press by the government of India portrayed Baba in poor light on the following counts:

  1. Baba's primary purpose of mass mobilisation was to demonstrate his following and strength so he could cut an advantageous deal with the government. Nothing noble here, only slyness.
  2. That Baba is not above being dishonest. Even though the deal had been struck between him and the government, publicly he kept claiming that no deal has been done and the government is out to malign his name. Shows Baba is willing to renege on the deals he makes plus lie to his supporters.

Had the government not released the contract copy, we wouldn't have known. Government says that as Baba failed to honour the commitments that he had made in the deal with them, they were forced to release the contract copy to expose Baba's face.



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