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Indian Bureaucracy Accountability - possible jail for Chief secretaries?

Indian bureaucracy red tape snake

Jail for Chief secretaries, says Moily, the Power Minister in The Hindustan Times 20th August 2012 edition.

The Minister has said that he plans to bring in an legislation plus amend the Electricity Act 2003 to enable provisions for imprisonment of state officials, including the Chief secretaries if the power is overdrawn from the grid.

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Partition of India 1947, Pakistan and today's India

Partition of India 1947

Independence Day: Why Partition was a good thing for India by Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar, published in The Economic Times Centre page dated 15th August 2012 is a thought-provoking article.

Essentially, he writes that had not 1947 partition of India happened, today's India would have been in the grips of raging civil war or even a bigger partition.

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Baba Ramdev - Swami with clay feet.

Baba Ramdev in escape outfit

Baba Ramdev is much venerated and respected yoga teacher, though I confess I have never practised his yoga asans. My mother when she was alive, did visit his franchise nearby to purchase Baba's medicine for alleviation of her pain. The medicine did not deliver, for I guess her condition probably was too severe for a possibility of immediate relief.

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Google in danger of becoming also ran

Google doesn't realise that by hurting small business owners, they have hurt themselves as these small business owners/employees are the part of Google user base. Eventually the users hurt will make them migrate outside Google search, like I have done.

In case you are wondering what is all this about then evidently you are not aware of the biggest online issue that has been created by Google after its Penguin update. This update ensured that hard working honest websites with salary paid employees have been hit hard and displaced from their high rankings to wilderness due to new update to Google's algorithm.

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